Episode Guide

Episode 1, Street Artists vs. Illegal Billboards
Street Artists in Los Angeles, CA expose the shocking reality behind the 4000 illegal billboards in the city. Why are companies being allowed to profit while artists are locked up for the same act?

Episode 2, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Iraq Veterans Against the War speak out about their war experiences and use art as a form of expression and healing. The episode follows members as they prepare to march on the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago where they throw their medals of honor back in protest of the war.

Episode 3, The Tax Dodgers
The Tax Dodgers play a game of corporate corruption. Gan Golan and his team of street theater artists create comedic acts that bring awareness to social issues that effect us all. Their team the "Tax Dodgers" is made up of the biggest corporations in America that don't pay taxes and in many cases receive huge tax refunds every year.

Episode 4, GATS - Graffiti Against the System
GATS is a well know graffiti artist in Oakland, CA. The Oakland Police Department has publicly refused to respond to 44 different types of crimes including burglary, theft and vandalism. The people of Oakland now look out for one another in the absence of a humane police department.  

Episode 5, Street Artists VS GMOs

Artists across California created campaigns to spread awareness about California Prop 37 which called for the labeling of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs).

Episode 6, Migration is Beautiful airs 1/14/2013
Migration is Beautiful highlights the growing movement of artists, designers, performers and musicians working for migrant justice. This episode proudly features activist and artist Favianna Rodriguez, actress Rosario Dawson, and Undocumented Pulitzer Prize winning Author, Activist Jose Antonio Vargas.