About VOA

Voice of Art (VOA) is a powerful documentary series on Pharrell Williams' YouTube channel: iamOTHER VOA follows the work of artists as they work towards transformation and social justice in their communities. 

VOA’s 30 minute episodes introduce artists, whom discuss the socio-political issues of their choice, and documents their creative expressions – street art, graffiti, street theater, art interventions, etc. – on their chosen theme. 

Themes covered to date have been:

Street Artists vs Illegal Billboards:The battle for visual expression in public space
Iraq Veterans Against The War: The military industrial complex
The Tax Dodgers: Corporate malfeasance
GATS-Graffiti Against the System: Police brutality 
Migration is Beautiful: Immigration reform & the pro-migrant movement  
Street Artists VS GMO's: California's fight to label genetically modified foods

Voice of Art is a Black Dog Films production

Created by ZS Grant and John Carr

Executive Producers: Coleen Haynes & Tom Dunlap & Pharrell Williams