Monday, January 7, 2013

Playlist: Label GMO's

Graffiti Artists vs. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Some of California's dopest graffiti artists -- Mear One, Vyal One, Werc, Griffin One, and Ernest Doty -- have created high-impact murals to raise awareness for the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The artists discuss their reasons for supporting California's Yes on Prop 37 campaign while displaying can control and sick techniques.

Label GMOs with Turnip

Graffiti artist Turnip (Edible Root Crew, PTV) emerges from the underground for a GMO and Prop 37 awareness-raising mission in California's East Bay. With throw ups, tags, posting bills, and in-store DIY GMO labeling, Turnip leaves no stone unturned in his quest to root out hidden GMOs.

Label GMOs with Crevis

Los Angeles-based artist Crevis shows us how to do a DIY wheat-paste campaign for California's Yes on Prop 37 & GMO labeling. From studio to street, Cons explains the dark side of big agribusiness and why he's out in the dead of night spreading the word.

Label GMOs with Nuclear Winter

Street artist Nuclear Winter joins the battle to mandate labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in California. Voice of Art follows as she unleashes her Yes / Sí on Prop 37 poster campaign on the streets of Oakland.

Label GMOs with Max Neutra

Artist Max Neutra paints live on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame to raise awareness about California's Proposition 37 and GMO labeling. His canvas imagines a GMO-fueled zombie dystopia where people are manipulated to serve the food system, instead of the other way around.

Label GMOs with Danny DeVito

Broccoli (Danny DeVito) has the hots for some freaky tomatoes at the market. Turns out they are GMOs -- Genetically Modified Organisms. His pal Turnip (Cass Bugge) lays out why he should NOT go there, and why peeps should vote Yes on California's Proposition 37 to make it mandatory for the food industry to label GMOs.

Label GMOs with Doran DaDa

Artist Doran DaDa spoken word peers behind the curtains of the elite master control system, where ancient peoples’ symbols of life flipped and harnessed to serve the matrix. The twilight streets serve as canvas on
a nocturnal mission promoting CA Proposition 37 & GMO labeling

Label GMOs with Oree Originol

Oakland-based artist Oree Originol hits the streets with his hand-painted paste-ups promoting the labeling of GMOs. He explains why artists are in a unique position and have a responsibility to spread the word about this cause beyond an often biased corporate media.

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