Saturday, September 15, 2012

Land of the Free, Home of the Duped

America, Land of the Free
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When you grow up in America, you grow up knowing that you are from the freest country in the world. You have no doubt that there isn't any place better; everything about America is the best. Our health care is superior, our education is superior, our government is superior, and we have the freedom of speech.

Growing up in America is a lot like growing up in a box. America is so great that you don't even have to think for yourself because there are other people who do that for you. Just be careful that you don't ever peek outside of that box. You might realize that you are actually living in a real life version of George Orwell's 1984.

America, land where over 46,000,000 million people live without health insurance. America, land that gets rated "average" when it comes to worldwide education rankings. America, land where our politicians are more concerned with the hand that feeds them than the mouths of their constituents begging to be fed. No need to worry, some of those "hands" are working hard to feed us too.

Hands like Monsanto and the USDA are eager to get food on your plate. (At this point you are better off if you have never dared to look outside of that box. If you have, may I offer you this sand to stick your head into?)

Monsanto, the American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, is a leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, which is marketed under the weed and insect killer Roundup brand. Monsanto is also a leader in production of genetically modified seeds. To simplify, Monsanto alters the DNA of our food and sprays it with their own poisons to keep insects away from it while it is growing. This greatly increases food production, which in turn makes it less expensive when we buy it at the supermarket. A win/win situation, unless you stuck your head out of that box...

The reality is that doctors and scientists don't know what the long term effects of consuming genetically modified foods will be on our health. The consensus, however is that the introduction of genetically modified foods to our diets and our environments is dangerous. Cross-pollination, the demise of nature's pollinators, increased allergies, liver problems and GM genes remaining functioning within our bodies are only a few of the foreseeable repercussions. 

In Europe and India they are working hard to ban GMO foods and food production and GMO labeling of food is required. I guess that is because they aren't as free in Europe and India as we are here in America. In America, the most free country in the world, corporations are free to profit from treating the citizens like lab rats. Then they are free to double their profit by providing us with the most expensive health care in the world. We are free to eat as much GMO food as we can, but if Monsanto and other pro-GMO corporations have their way we will not be free to choose whether or not we eat them.

With a track record that includes DDT and Agent Orange, why wouldn't you trust what Monsanto wants to put on your plate?

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