Friday, September 14, 2012

Playlist: GATS - Graffiti Against the System

Part 1
Graffiti is a thriving life force in Oakland. Meet GATS (Graffiti Against The System), an artist for whom the city is one endless canvas to connect with the people. Times are rough in "The O," as GATS plans to write a poem throughout the city.

Part 2
Oakland police have the community on edge over killings of unarmed youth and repression of free speech. Graffiti Against The System (GATS) and the people of Oakland riot for the murder of Oscar Grant and the closing of Occupy Oakland. Boots Riley gives his first hand account of oppressive police actions while G.A.T.S. and Roberto Miguel prepare their epic city-wide graffiti poem.

Part 3

Follow graffiti artist GATS as he risks his safety and anonymity to paint a poem across the East Bay. The final line proclaiming "The City Is Ours" is completed at a community block party, an apt setting to celebrate how street art can be used to make political statements and enrich the culture of a city.

Bonus Segment

GATS (Graffiti Against The System) talks about the unpredictable life of a graffiti artist and the symbolism behind his enigmatic character. 

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