Monday, August 20, 2012

Playlist: The Tax Dodgers

Part 1The Tax Dodgers play a game of corporate corruption. Gan Golan and his team of street theater artists create comedic acts that bring awareness to social issues that effect us all. Their team the "Tax Dodgers" is made up of the biggest corporations in America that don't pay taxes and in many cases receive huge tax refunds every year.

Part 2

Wall Street's least favorite baseball team "The Tax Dodgers" prepare their performance tactics for a big upcoming game. Citizens for Tax Justice illustrate the problem of corporate tax dodging, a former police captain fights against "corporate sociopaths," and The Yes Men and Common Cause detail the corporate hijacking of the US political system through devious means.

Part 3

The Tax Dodgers play against the 99% team in Philadelphia, using baseball as a metaphor for the games played by big corporations. Their bribery, rule changing and flat-out cheating get them arrested by Ray Lewis, (former) Philadelphia Police Captain. The Yes Men's Andy Bichlbaum tells how creative activism can break under-reported stories through the mainstream media blockade.

Bonus Segment

The Tax Dodgers visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where an exhibit featuring their jersey and 1% cap is on public display. Tom Shieber, the museum's Senior Curator, puts the exhibit in context of the long historical use of baseball as a metaphor in social and political commentary.

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