Saturday, June 30, 2012

Iraq War Veterans Protest NATO Summit

Iraq War Veterans throw back their medals of honor
at the May 2012 Nato Summit in Chicago

Every day 18 veterans commit suicide. One third of female active duty service members are sexually assaulted by their male peers. Soldiers suffering from PTSD are being redeployed without recieving treatment. After being discharged, Integrating back into civilian society often comes with crisis and struggle. Sadly The same Military Industrial Complex, that welcomed these people with open arms now turns its back on them. 

In this 3 part series, we follow members of the Iraq veterans against war, IVAW, who are speaking out and using art to educate the public. They seek to expose the traumas caused by serving our country and the neglect of discharged vets in need. Through their art they find purpose and give a voice to their untold story behind the war.

As politicians and generals of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) descend on Chicago for a summit meeting in May 2012, IVAW members lead a march of 20,000 protesters to the police barricades that separate the elite attendees from the public. Once there, veterans and service members throw back their Global War on Terror medals in symbolic protest of the hypocrisy and failed military policies of the US and NATO.

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