Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Street Artist vs. Illegal Billboards - Part 1

We’ve been shooting and editing for the last 3 months (LA, Oakland & Chicago) and we are now proud to announce the premiere of Voice of Art, Episode #1 “Street Artists Vs. Illegal Billboards” Segments 1-4. Our YouTube channel, I Am Other, will be releasing a new segment each day Wed 5/30/12 - Saturday 6/2/12. 
Here’s all the show info and links to our featured artists and contributors.

Episode 1: “Street Artists Vs. Illegal Billboards” Part 1
Los Angeles-based artist collective Cyrcle exposes the battle between art and advertising when they discover that while law enforcement has been cracking down on street art and murals, bizarre laws have allowed corporations to illegally place over 4000 billboard ads in their city.

Episode 1 “Illegal Billboards” Featured Artists:

Episode 1 “Illegal Billboards” Individuals & Business THANK YOU!

Episode 1 “Illegal Billboards” Featured Music

SPECIAL THANKS to the artists who created our show intro:

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